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School Safety


School Keep Clear Campaign

Following the introduction of a new traffic regulation order please be aware that it is now illegal to stop or park on Keep Clear 'zig-zag' lines outside Glasgow schools.

Pupil Safety

The yellow 'zig-zag' keep clear road markings outside Glasgow's schools are a common feature and are there for the safety of pupils.

These road markings help protect pupils by giving them clear sightlines when crossing roads outside their school. They also create clear sightlines for passing motorists.

Permanent Traffic Regulation Order

The road markings were previously only advisory however with the introduction of a new traffic regulation order (TRO) by Glasgow City Council, as of 16th August it will be illegal to stop on these keep clear areas.

Where there are yellow zig-zag 'keep clear' markings on the road way and the following parking panel is present, it will be illegal to stop during the days and times shown:

Parking road Sign Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Enforcement & Penalties

Drivers who stop or park on the road markings could face the following:

  • A penalty charge notice
  • Their vehicle reported for uplift to the vehicle pound
  • A charge to recover their vehicle.

Glasgow City Council has taken this measure in order to tackle the problem of parent/guardians stopping vehicles on the keep clear markings.
Despite the best efforts of the city's schools, parent-teacher associations and the Council's Road Safety Education unit, many parent/guardians continue to park on the road markings.

Background to the TRO

In August 2004 an experimental Traffic Regulation Order was created which allowed for penalty charge notices to be issued to vehicles stopped on school keep clear markings.
Following the success of the pilot, Head Teachers and School Boards were contacted to canvas opinion with all responses received expressing a desire to retain the enforceable markings and to extend the cover to all markings outside schools.

Further Information

Land and Environmental Services
Parking Unit
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Phone: 0141 287 4040