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Head Teacher: Mrs H King

Depute Head Teacher (Acting): Mrs E McShane

Depute Head Teacher (Enhanced Nurture Provision): Miss Ogg

Principal Teacher (Acting): Mrs C Sharkey

Teaching Staff:

Primary 1: Miss Moran

Primary 2: Mrs McLaughlin

Primary 2/3: Miss McQuaid

Primary 3: Miss Moffat

Primary 3/4: Mr Lubanski

Primary 4: Mr Murphy

Primary 5: Mrs Lloyd & Miss Kearney

Primary 5/6: Mrs Scordi

Primary 7/6: Mrs Money

Primary 7: Mr Delury

The Hub: Mrs Bell

NCCT: Miss Bertolacci 


Enhanced Nurture Provision: Mr Bacchus & Ms Higgins

The Rainbow Room (Nurture Group): Miss Heggarty


Support for Learning Assistants:

Mrs Livingstone (Enhanced Nurture Provision)

Miss Tahaney (Enhanced Nurture Provision)

Mrs Crystal (Enhanced Nurture Provision)

Mrs Neupane (Enhanced Nurture Provision)

Mrs Hand (Enhanced Nurture Provision)

Mrs Tracey

Miss Durnan

Miss McKenna

Mrs Ho

Miss Davies

Miss Findlay

Mrs Hayes

Mrs Allan (Nurture Group)

Mrs Miele (CDO)

Young Person Support Worker (Enhanced Nurture Provision)

Mr McDonald

Office Staff:

Mrs Woods & Miss Buller


Mr Convery